Alexis Neely

Estate planning secrets of the old rich guys – Revealed

August 17, 2012

Unless you were born into an über-rich family (and sometimes even then), your parents probably never discussed estate planning when you were growing up and […]

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7 questions to ask before hiring a lawyer to handle your wills, trusts or estate

May 25, 2012

Before hiring any kind of lawyer for any personal or business matters, you’ll want to be sure to review my article 5 questions to ask […]

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5 questions to ask before hiring a personal or business lawyer

May 11, 2012

Before hiring a personal or business lawyer to guide you, your family or your business, ask these five questions to ensure that you don’t end […]

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Top 10 points to consider in choosing a guardian for your children

April 27, 2012

If it pains you to think about not being around to raise your children, just think about how it will affect your children if something […]

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Got kids? Get an estate plan

April 20, 2012

If you’re young, healthy and have small children, you’re probably busy trying to make a living to provide for your family. Most, if not all, […]

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