Carley Knobloch

Educate and entertain: The best apps for kids

February 6, 2013

Tech is pervasive in my own life, to be sure. But when it comes to my kids, I prefer good old fashioned books, conversation, or […]

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The best tech tools for man’s best friend

September 21, 2012

Today’s family pet is more pampered than ever. Statistics show the average family spends about $58 per month on our furry friends. At Jenny’s request […]

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Beware the over share: Cyber safety tips

August 29, 2012

Sure, you dish with your girlfriends and tell them just about everything that goes on in your life. But you certainly wouldn’t broadcast your husband’s, […]

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Facebook basics: Understand how it works

August 2, 2012

Remember when the word “friend” was just a plain, old noun? Well, thanks to Facebook, it’s been promoted to a full-fledged verb. But if “friend […]

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A traveling calendar

July 25, 2012

Scheduling your family’s busy life is almost its own full-time job. And no simple calendar will do. What you need is a comprehensive calendar on […]

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Personal assistants for the rest of us

July 13, 2012

Wouldn’t it be great to be really rich like Brangelina? The private jets, exotic locations, never having to iron your laundry or do a Target […]

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Quit surfing the web: Use RSS and save time

July 6, 2012

The phrase “surfing the web” is totally outdated, dude. For many of us, the way we get our information from the Internet hasn’t changed since […]

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Calling customer service? Nobody puts baby on hold

July 2, 2012

We say it a lot, but you’re a busy Mom. And your time is valuable and better spent doing just about anything than waiting on […]

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