Jennifer Tankersley

8 Ways moms can impact the environment

April 11, 2017

I have always known that there are things that I can do to conserve natural resources. With three small children, it is not easy to […]

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5 Tips to prepare your child for back to school

August 4, 2015

As the first day of school approaches, parents and children alike begin to run the gamut of emotions: excitement, fear, anticipation, anxiety. For those who […]

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Tips to instill a generous nature in your children

November 26, 2012

As parents, we know how egocentric our children (and humans, in general) can be at times. When holidays and birthdays roll around, do you feel […]

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Planning for summer vacation

May 1, 2012

Summer may still be a few months away, but registration has likely already begun for some summer events and happenings. Now is the time to […]

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Prepare yourself financially for travel

April 24, 2012

In our modern society, travel is no longer a luxury, but it is considered a necessary part of having a healthy and meaningful life. Anyone […]

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Thinking other moms’ homes are neater than yours?

April 19, 2012

Do you ever visit other moms’ homes and wonder how they keep it so neat? Do you ever sit around in your own home with […]

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Clean springing vs. Spring cleaning: Start fresh and move forward

April 11, 2012

Something about the phrase “Spring Cleaning” doesn’t sit well with me. The concept is good and right. In spring, all of nature is waking up […]

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