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When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully – and Enjoy Being a Parent Again | Book giveaway | The Momiverse

We’re giving away three copies of When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully – and Enjoy Being a Parent Again by Sean Grover!

Are the children ruling the roost? When parents reclaim their power, everyone benefits.

Rebellious, entitled, disrespectful, many kids pummel their parents with demands, and boss them around with impunity. Experts might label them ‘difficult’ and advise how to ‘fix’ them. But parenting struggles rarely originate from just one side. Instead, they erupt at the volatile intersection of a child’s personality with a parent’s own insecurities and behaviors. Fixing the child requires fixing yourself.

All too often parents are dominated by kids’ unruly behavior. It’s not uncommon for kids to yell at, degrade, and push around their parents. For bullied moms and dads, the terrible twos seem to never end.

In When Kids Call the Shots, therapist and parenting expert Sean Grover untangles the forces driving family dysfunction, and helps parents assume leadership roles. With a liberating message and perceptive advice, the book explores:

  • Three common bullying styles (defiant, manipulative, anxious) used by kids
  • Parenting styles (guilt-prone, anxiety-fueled, fix-everything) that contribute to power imbalances
  • Critical testing periods in a child’s development
  • Coping mechanisms that backfire
  • Personalized plans for calmly exerting authority in any scenario
  • And more

Filled with perceptive insights and practical guidance, When Kids Call the Shots gives parents hope and tools for winning the battle of the bully to revel in raising well-adjusted, compassionate, and likable kids.

Publishers Weekly says “Psychotherapist Grover pulls no punches in this parenting manual . . . [his] empowering, motivating approach is highly compassionate to suffering, burnt-out parents . . .”

Marianne Pearl, author of A Mighty Heart (Scribner, 2004; Paramount Pictures, 2007) and In Search of Hope, says “With warmth and sophistication, When Kids Call the Shots offers masterful lessons in the delicate art of parenting. This book will help countless parents to overcome limits, master fears and develop a healing compassion.”

Caving in to tantrums and threats breeds more of the same. Learn to stop the cycle of abusive behavior and make parenting a pleasure again.

Enter below for a chance to win one of three copies of Sean Grover’s new book When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully – and Enjoy Being a Parent Again!

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