What does Dad want for Father’s Day? {and your chance to win $500}

By | May 26, 2014 | Contests & Giveaways

What is your dad wishing for this Father's Day? {and your chance to win $500} | The Momiverse


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Don’t buy Dad another tie, cologne, socks, t-shirt or travel mug. The Dad in your life is more tech-savvy these days. After all, he does text you and send you links to articles he thinks you should read.

To help me figure out what to buy the awesome Dads in my life, I created two eBay collections – one for the athletically inclined Dads and one for Dads who would appreciate items from this arsenal of technology and tools.

Athletically inclined #eBayDad


Athletically Inclined #eBayDad | The Momiverse

Dad works hard all week and all year! Show him he has a special place in your heart by encouraging him to take care of HIS heart! This #eBayDad collection contains fun finds for the
athletically inclined, not couch potatoes. These items will help the dad in your life perform, enjoy, and monitor his athletic activities – whether he hits the pavement, trail, range or court.

Arsenal of tech and tools #eBayDad


Arsenal of Tech and Tools #eBayDad | The Momiverse

This #eBayDad collection contains fun finds that may be upgraded versions of something Dad can use. We’re sure your Dad will love this arsenal of technology and tools.

Want some additional ideas for the dads (or any guys) in your life?

If you’re looking for more original gift ideas, check out our gift guide for all the guys in your life and gadget geeks.

Create a collection for a chance to win $500! 


Create an #eBayDad collection for a chance to win $500! | The Momiverse

What is your dad wishing for this Father’s Day?

Join us in saluting Dads during the one million eBay collections celebration! For a chance to win $500, simply create a collection using #eBayDad.

To qualify you must:

• Include 8 gift products or more. Get inspired by eBay’s Father’s Day Gift Guide.
• Include #eBayDad in the title and description.

Do you have collections on eBay? I’d love to check them out and follow you. I also invite you to view the other collections curated by the Momiverse on eBay.

Leave me a note in the comment section below with a link to your own favorite collection(s) and follow the Momiverse on eBay.

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