Financial planning: Lessons from other Moms

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Financial planning: Lessons from other Moms

Disclosure:  This article was written pursuant to our engagement by brightpeak financial. All views expressed are entirely my own, and were not influenced or directed by brightpeak financial.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a Mom and a business owner, it’s that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The Word of Mom shared among members of motherhood often provides me with a variety of ideas to try with my own family. I also look for other reliable tools and resources that help me learn and grow my own knowledge about a particular subject matter.

Every family has desires and needs – even if those goals aren’t written down and posted on the fridge.

  • Are you saving money for your next family vacation, a new car, swimming pool, new house, remodeling project, or something else that’s really important to your family?
  • Do you stress about holiday shopping or have you adequately planned for this yearly hit on your checkbook?
  • Have you taken time to talk with your kids about needs vs. wants?
  • Have you thought about other financial safeguards for your family (whether those were physical locks for your new home, life insurance when you got married, or an emergency savings fund for your son’s next broken bone)?

As you already know from our roster of talented contributors, the Momiverse is filled with amazing experts who provide us with a variety of information, tools and resources to help us navigate the world of Mom. We also have a network of smart and witty Moms who share their life experiences on their own blogs. We recently engaged these Moms on behalf of brightpeak financial to share with us their words of wisdom or lessons about family finance.

We invite you to read their posts listed below:

Erica Voll | No Sleep 'Til College | The Momiverse
Erica Voll, No Sleep ‘Til College
Don’t blow your budget this holiday season


Gina Lincicum | Moneywise Moms | The Momiverse
Gina Lincicum, Moneywise Moms
Avoiding big money mistakes 


Heather King | The Extraordinary Ordinary | The Momiverse
Heather King, The Extraordinary Ordinary
A place for your money to make sense


Jennifer Bullock | Mommy B Knows Best | The Momiverse
Jennifer Bullock, Mommy B Knows Best
Teaching children how to help others


Kelly Whalen
Kelly Whalen, The Centsible Life
How to create family savings goals


Miranda Marquit | Planting Money Seeds | The Momiverse


Miranda Marquit, Planting Money Seeds
Does your child understand the difference between needs and wants?


Monique Reidy | The Savvy Gal | The Momiverse
Monique Reidy, The Savvy Gal
Financing your fabulous future


Stacey Ross | San Diego Bargain Mama | The Momiverse
Stacey Ross, San Diego Bargain Mama
Five exercises to help kids learn the value of money


Stacie Connerty | The Divine Miss Mommy | The Momiverse
Stacie Connerty, The Divine Miss Mommy –
Five easy ways to start saving money


Tina Seitzinger | Life without Pink | The Momiverse
Tina Seitzinger, Life without Pink
Teaching kids the value of money


One tool you should add to your list of financial planning bookmarks is brightpeak financial.  This company helps families and communities thrive and become more resilient by teaching you how to make the most of your money and prepare for unexpected life events.

Live intentionally, work purposefully and learn simply.

There’s a wealth (pun intended) of information at Many families need help with their finances but have no idea where to start. brightpeak provides the basics, so we encourage you to visit their website for helpful resources, tips, and conversation. Some of my favorite articles include:

Teaching kids about giving

Emergency savings: When and how to start

How to eat healthy on a budget

8 creative ways to teach your kids about money 

How to choose a guardian for your child

brightpeak financial | The Momiverse

To learn more about the resources available from brightpeak financial, visit or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

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