Anti or pro GMO labeling? – California’s Proposition 37: Why should you care?

By | November 2, 2012 | Food & Recipes

Anti or pro GMO labeling? – California’s Proposition 37: Why should you care?

Unless you’ve been in hibernation from newspapers, television news shows or even social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, you’ve most likely heard about California’s Proposition 37.

If you don’t live in the state of California, why should you care about Proposition 37? Do you like to eat? Specifically, would you like to know what you’re eating? This ballot measure would require that genetically modified foods carry a label. California tends to set the political squeaky wheel in motion across the nation, so we all have a reason to be interested in the results of this particular ballot issue.

These issues are serious. People aren’t just concerned about the fate of genetically modified crops, but whether we can be confident in the industrial food chain. Consumers are also worried about the impacts on the cost of food and whether the average family can afford to purchase alternative and healthier foods that tend to be priced higher.

Opponents to Prop 37 state the following reasons:

  • Proposition 37 would ban the sale of tens of thousands of perfectly-safe, common grocery products only in California unless they are specially repackaged, relabeled or made with higher cost ingredients.
  • Prop 37 is a deceptive, deeply flawed food labeling scheme that would add more government bureaucracy and taxpayer costs, create new frivolous lawsuits, and increase food costs by billions – without providing any health or safety benefits.
  • Prop 37 is opposed by a broad coalition of family farmers, scientists, doctors, business, labor, taxpayers and consumers.

Supporters of Prop 37 argue:

  • Companies change their labeling all the time, and independent research shows Prop 37 will not affect food prices.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems. The Food and Drug Administration has said “providing more information to consumers about bioengineered foods would be useful.”
  • Prop 37 is self-enforced and requires no new bureaucracy. The state official analyst has said any costs for enforcement would range from 1 to 3 cents per year for each Californian.
  • Prop 37 requires labeling for genetically engineered foods for the groceries you buy. The initiative contains exemptions from labeling requirements for practical purposes, such as food served in restaurants.
  • Prop 37 is supported by consumers, farmers, nurses and many more. It is opposed by Monsanto, Dow, and foreign chemical companies spending millions to confuse us.

The Corncucopia Institute put together an infographic about which grocers have financially supported or contributed against Prop 37, as well as those who are missing in action. You might find the information interesting and helpful as you make your decision to support or oppose Prop 37.

The information presented here is to encourage you to do your research. California voters, we strongly urge you to know the details of Proposition 37, because the success or failure of this election issue will affect the rest of the nation. To learn more about each side of the issue, please visit the following sites:

Yes on Prop 37 – California Right to Know
No on Prop 37

What are your thoughts about Proposition 37? Whether you live in California or not, do you hope it passes or fails?

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