Hassle free photo sharing

By | March 29, 2012 | Gear & Gadgets

Hassle free photo sharing

With all the options out there to share photos it can be overwhelming to choose. Sure if you take a photo, you can easily email it or text to a friend or loved one. But if you take dozens of photos and want to send them to multiple people, that’s not so easy. Putting them up on your social channels is fine, but privacy is often a concern, especially if your kids are involved. Well, now there’s a super easy way to guarantee privacy and make photo sharing a snap…

Try Kicksend. They’ve made sharing photos, videos and files of any size easy. Specifically designed to share you photos privately among family and friends, either individually on in groups— this is actually my favorite feature. For example, I take pictures at every soccer game and always want to send the highlights to all the moms of the soccer team. Setting up  a “list” of those moms’ email addresses is super-easy, and now I can share all the photos I want with one click.

Watch this Twirl and see how easy it is to kick your file sharing up a notch.

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