Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS: Fun for the whole family

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Petz Beach for Nintendo 3DS | Game review | The Momiverse | #PetzBeach #CleverGirls | Ubisoft


After we moved from Seattle, WA to Scottsdale, AZ three and a half years ago, we added a beautiful black Labrador retriever to our family. She was the sweetest furry thing ever.

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Unfortunately, my 10 year old son is allergic to dogs and cats. Whenever he plays with a dog or cat, red splotches appear all over his body and he starts itching like crazy. Sadly, we had to give up our dog or choose to medicate my son every day. Giving her up was so hard on our family, especially our kids.

Our family loves dogs and would love to have one as a member of our family, but until my son outgrows his allergy to pets (hoping and praying!), we’ll have to keep our home pet-free.

Petz Beach - Nintendo 3DS game cover | The Momiverse | Ubisoft

When I was asked to play and review Petz Beach for Ubisoft with my kids, I couldn’t help but wonder whether this would be a blatant reminder to my kids that we don’t have a pet. However, what I discovered was an adorable game that both my 10 and 8 year old boys love playing because it allows them to virtually experience caring for a pet.

Petz Beach game review | Ubisoft |The Momiverse

About the game

Petz Beach was created for kids ages 7 and older. In Petz Beach, your kids can:

  • Teach their Petz new tricks with the voice recognition system, enter quests and events, and train with a variety of skills.
  • Use facial recognition to bond with their favorite Petz and customize them with unique outfits.
  • Welcome new Petz and villagers and unlock new buildings like shops and a petting park.
  • Help villagers and their Petz in exciting quests and missions; participate in the annual Halloween party; or take their Petz to search for a neighbor’s lost ring.
  • Collect fun facts from Encyclopedia Britannica about animals, plants, and insects as they care for their pets.

Players can exchange sandy beaches for lush acres of green fields and exclusive Petz, such as a panda, a lion, and a bear in Petz Countryside.

With the Nintendo 3DS Street Pass feature, both Petz Beach and Petz Countryside allow players to connect with other Petz owners to exchange exclusive items and photos of their pets. If a player has both games, they can even visit the other town with their pet and exchange items between the games.

Both Petz Beach and Petz Countryside are available at and would make awesome Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers!

Petz Beach | Nintendo 3DS_Screen View | The Momiverse |Ubisoft

For more information about Ubisoft, visit them online at or on Twitter and Facebook.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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