The best tech tools for man’s best friend

By | September 21, 2012 | Gear & Gadgets

The best tech tools for man’s best friend

Today’s family pet is more pampered than ever. Statistics show the average family spends about $58 per month on our furry friends. At Jenny’s request (yes, Jenny’s my dog), I’m devoting this entire ‘Twirl to websites and apps that are specifically designed for our furry, four-legged kids.

Pet Tracker

If your dog is any kind of escape artist, Pet Tracker could literally be a life saver. This tool uses the same technology as your car’s GPS to track the exact location of your dog – either on a mobile app or through the web.


GreenGoose makes wireless stickers that stick on anything that moves – even pets. The app lets you know whether your dog has been walked, fed or given a cookie, so you can keep tabs on how much food your dog is getting and whether the dog walker you hired is doing her job. The app even sends you reminders so you’ll remember to walk your dog when you get home.


As much as we love our pets, sometimes we just can’t take them with us when we go away. Until now, that has meant one of two options – either getting a friend or family member to take her or sending her to the kennel. Both are dreaded and costly options for all involved. A new option is – dog boarding by dog owners.

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