Twitter 101: Get a handle

By | June 4, 2012 | Gear & Gadgets

Twitter 101: Get a handle

What the heck is Twitter and why is it so popular? What can you do with it? We break it down for you with Twitter 101.

Sign up for your Twitter account and choose your handle, the username people will use to identify you on Twitter.

A post on Twitter is called a tweet not twit. Your can be about anything you want, but can only be 140 characters or less, so you need to get to your point quickly. You can fit more information than you think into 140 characters or less. For example, I could tweet: “I should really move my coffee maker closer to my bed. It would be more efficient.” It’s only 83 characters, but it’s so true!

Of all the social networks, Twitter is mostly talking to a bunch of friends, except your friends are your followers and your tweet is the thought you want to add to the conversation.

I could tweet: “I’m trying to drink more water. Does it matter if it’s filtered through cofee beans? #java”

And someone could tweet in response: “As long as they are organic coffee beans! #java” And the next thing you know, you’ve struck up a conversation, made a connection and learned a few nutrition tips with fellow java junkies on Twitter.

Twitter isn’t just about connecting with friends, it’s also a great way to market your business. You can share the services you offer, information from your website, or insights about your area of expertise.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll go from tweeting with just a few people to a whole lot of people. The key is to be witty, informative and cute. That’s how you’ll get lots of followers.

Now get out there and join us in the Twitterverse!


Life is crazy! Who has time to keep up with all the latest in social networking? Stay tuned for a new series which gives you the skinny on how all these social networks work, and how to use them to stay in touch with family, friends and to promote yourself online.

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