Five tips to balanced, healthy eating

By | June 5, 2012 | Health & Wellness

Five tips to balanced, healthy eating

Eating a healthy a balanced meal does not require you to be a rocket scientist. We’ve all read about which foods are nutritious and which aren’t. However gentle reminders are necessary to keep us all on track.

Below are 5 tips that will help you:

1.   Be aware – Pay attention to what you eat by taking notes. Yes, keeping a food journal will help you to take note of the foods you actually eat. You can then see what your diet looks like. Many like to imagine they are eating healthy foods, but when it’s written down, you will avoid fooling yourself.

2.   Fruits and veggies – Eat fruits and vegetables with every meal. This is not difficult if you think about it, fruits and vegetables can certainly be included in your breakfast by adding peppers or spinach to your omelet and fresh fruit as a side dish or in your smoothie. The essential vitamins found in fruits and vegetables are necessary for your daily nutritional needs.

3.   Eat whole grain – Adding more whole grain to your diet does not mean eating only whole wheat bread. Try adding some different grains to your diet such as bran muffins, quinoa, or choosing a wild rice variety instead of the usual white rice. Be adventurous and make eating healthy fun.

4.   Buy fresh – This may be difficult at times but purchasing fresh foods will help with your healthy eating experience. Fresh foods are always best and if you can purchase from your local farmers, that’s even better. Shop in the perimeter of your grocery store, since this is where the freshest items are usually kept.

5.   Read labels – This is a very easy tip, perhaps the easiest of all. Training yourself to read labels will help you to choose healthier foods for you and your family. If you notice the daily values for fat, carbohydrates and protein are too high, then place that item back on the shelf and walk away.

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Dr. Daisy Sutherland

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