MomiverseTV: 5 tips to get your kids to eat healthy food

By | October 12, 2012 | Health & Wellness

MomiverseTV: 5 tips to get your kids to eat healthy food

To support childhood nutrition education, we’ve partnered with Hidden Valley to promote their upcoming Lunch Break for Kids national fundraiser (October 15-19). This event highlights ways for parents and kids to come together with chefs and schools to learn more about how simple, good food can make healthier bodies and stronger family connections. We encourage you to check out local fundraising events in your area. Proceeds will support the American Culinary Federation’s Chef & Child Foundation to create resources for nutrition education programs.

Keeping childhood nutrition education in mind, we answered a question from MomPulse:

How do you get your kids to eat healthy food?

If you ask ten different Moms that very same question, you’ll probably get ten different answers. Watch this video for a few tips:

Here are the tips mentioned in the video:

1.  Buy healthy foods.

It seems pretty obvious, right? Don’t give your kids the option to eat unhealthy snacks. If you only buy healthy food, you can tell them that’s all you have in the house.

2.  Start young.

Teach your kids how to eat right at an early age. Only give your kids healthy snacks and they won’t know any different. Teach your kids to read labels and that it’s important to eat foods that help your body grow and stay strong.

3.  Set an example.

Your kids want to be just like you. Ok, maybe not so much when they’re older. But show them that you eat healthy foods too.

4.  Make it fun.

Let your kids create food art with their food and turn snack time into fun time. Pinterest is a great place for ideas on how to create fun foods for kids (and you).

5.  Be sneaky.

If all else fails, it’s your job as a Mom to employ Covert Action. Yes, you need to sneak healthy foods into their meals and snacks. For example, use a food processor to chop vegetables and add them to sauces for spaghetti or lasagna. Shakes and smoothies also provide an awesome opportunity for covert action. You can make them non-dairy and/or add extra fiber, vegetables, protein powder. The options for ingredients are endless.

Food manufacturers know how to use psychology to get our kids to like their foods. In fact, it works on adults too! How many times have you been sitting in front of the TV watching The Biggest Loser, eating a bowl of ice cream when a fast food commercial makes you crave a bacon cheeseburger? Maybe you’ve even run out to buy that bacon cheeseburger at the next commercial?

Researchers have also found that the foods kids eat before the age of three set their taste preferences for the rest of their lives. If your child is older than the age of three, don’t be discouraged. Continue introducing new foods and keep putting healthy foods on your family’s table. You’ll help your kids to develop taste preferences for healthy food that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to check out Hidden Valley‘s upcoming Lunch Break for Kids national fundraiser (October 15-19)!

Tell us in the comment section below: What tips and tricks do you have for getting your kids to eat healthy foods?

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GinnyMarie March 27, 2013 at 9:37 am

I love the food art idea! Both my daughters love making their own salads with the veggies that they like.

SouthMainMuse March 27, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Those are good tips. But I started my son on broccoli and hummus when he was two — he loved it. Then the older he grew, not so much. My sister really controls what food she gives her children, then they go crazy at my house.

NazmulHossainSajib November 19, 2013 at 4:56 am

WOW! I watched the video…you shared 5 tips ..that is really great..I am looking for the tips…I hope it will works fine with my I am a bit worried about my kids food…If i follow your tips i hope i will get better kids will be started to eat healthy food as i wanted …thanks

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