5 Simple money-saving tips for the holidays

By | November 14, 2013 | Holidays & Entertaining

5 Simple money-saving tips for the holidays | The Momiverse

The holiday season is a magical time of year filled with gift-giving, special events, and celebrations. Before the hustle and bustle begins, make a plan for shopping and make note of some ways you can save a few pennies. Try these tips to cut down on holiday spending without diminishing the celebration!

1.   Bargain hunt at thrift stores.

Thrift stores can be surprisingly rich in unique (and inexpensive) gifts. One of the best perks about thrift or consignment shopping is that the merchandise is always changing, so you won’t know what you will find from one visit to the next. Consider making a few trips to a local shop before the holidays roll around to see if you can find something unexpected for someone on your list.

2.   Send eCards.

Instead of splurging on expensive postage and printed Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa cards to send out to your family and friends, consider sending beautiful free eCards. Choose your favorite festive design and personalize it with your own holiday greeting.

3.   DIY.

Try your hand at making your own presents this year. You can save money and learn a new skill. Even if you aren’t crafty, there are many gifts that you can make that are simple and not too time consuming. Some ideas might include bath salts, coasters, lip balm, herb butter, sewing kits, corkboards, and coffee sleeves. Break the pattern and try something original this year with these unique holiday gift giving tips and tricks.

4.   Give homemade coupons.

For a classic inexpensive holiday gift, give coupons for your time. Offer up a day of gardening for your mother-in-law, an afternoon of house chores for your sibling, a home-cooked meal for your best friends, or a backrub for your significant other. The possibilities are endless and you can completely personalize the coupons for the people you love.

5.   Spread out your purchases.

If you have many people on your holiday shopping list, it will lighten your financial burden to begin shopping early in the year (not just after Thanksgiving). Try buying gifts as you find them, even if it’s only July and you feel like you still have plenty of time before the holidays roll around. Your pocketbook will thank you later.

What tricks do you have for saving money on holiday gifts?

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Häuser Estartit November 18, 2013 at 1:40 am

I think this tips is actually helpful for everyone…Holiday is a fun time where everyone go to celebrate their vacation but still one think that must be remember is that how to save our money at all these holiday time…You can find informative tips through this post..!!

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