5 Outside-the-chocolate-box Mother’s Day gift ideas

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5 unique gift ideas for moms | The Momiverse | Article by Spencer Frandsen

The marketing mayhem surrounding Mother’s Day is often centered on chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Mom may have received all those gifts each year for the past decade, making the day nearly boring and predictable. Think outside-the-chocolate-box this year to find a gift or experience that truly reflects her personality and style. She’ll have an unforgettable day when you choose among these five unique selections.

Tour a local landmark


Strybing Arboretum - Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA | Photo by Doug Kerr via Flickr | The Momiverse

Regardless of where you live, you can always find a landmark to explore. If you’re in the San Francisco area, treat Mom to a trip to Alcatraz Island. Book a private tour through a local museum, taking her through a behind-the-scenes look at art that’s being prepared for display. And what about a botanical garden or arboretum? With spring in full swing, the glorious foliage will be a gorgeous feast for Mom’s eyes. Most local landmarks offer special Mother’s Day giveaways, including flowers and coupons. Your gift will keep on giving, making Mom’s special day shine brightly in her memory.

Grow something together


Herb Clay Pots Planter

If Mom has a bit of a green thumb, surprise her with a gardening kit. Show her how to grow her own herbs with a small herb garden. Choose from herb kits that she can grow using seeds or herbs that have been pre-grown into small seedlings. Most kits are small enough to fit in a kitchen window for easy access during cooking. Mom will adore a unique vertical garden kit as well. A vertical garden is literally a shadow box filled with soil and succulents that’s hung on an interior or exterior wall, similar to a framed picture. Mom can cultivate the soil and plants in any formation, then hang the box on a wall for an amazing conversational piece. Check out 3M’s tutorial on how to install a vertical garden.

Cruise the open sea


Sunset Dinner Cruise, New York City Photo by jfholloway via Flickr | The Momiverse

Give Mom the best evening ever by booking a sunset dinner cruise. A chartered boat offers spectacular views and a formal dinner for a nearly three-hour ride. Watch the sun drift into the ocean while a DJ spins the latest tunes. If Mom prefers brunch to dinner, don’t deny her the experience of a champagne brunch on a chartered boat. Instead of a sunset, mom can marvel at the sparkling mid-morning water with comfortable breezes flowing across the water. Some cruises even offer a captain’s photo, flowers, and VIP access to the front of the line. Surprise mom with a meal and cruise beyond her imagination. Companies like Hornblower offer dinner cruises in many coastal locations, including San Francisco, San Diego, and New York City.

Bike through wine country


Wine Country Bike Ride | Photo by Matt Haughey via Flickr | The Momiverse

There’s no need to hire a limo or car when you can pedal your way through the rolling winery hills of Paso Robles. Bring your own bike or rent one at a local shop. With very few difficult climbs, the ride feels like more of a cruise. Half- to full-day tours are available, depending on your physical abilities. Half-day tours feature at least two wineries, and full-days can include three or more tastings. It’s all up to your mom’s desires and pedaling speed. As you bike between wineries, you can bond with mom and enjoy the outdoors on a unique adventure through the hills. If Northern California is easier to get to, Bicycle Adventures offers a tour through Napa and Sonoma’s wine country.

Take to the skies


Aerial view of Seattle | Photo by thatguyric via Flickr | The Momiverse

Biplanes and helicopters fly at low enough altitudes to give you a close view of the local topography and landmarks with enough room to take in beautiful, sprawling views. Fly over the California or New England coast to see where land meets the sea. Venture out to the foothills where mountains crest up into the sky. Take in breathtaking views of the Grand Canyon. The possibilities are endless. Mom will love the personal bird’s eye view of the world while enjoying a smooth ride. And the copilot can offer fascinating information about the scenery. For Moms that enjoy some adventure, a flight above a gorgeous coastline or a well-known landmark is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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What’s the most unique gift you’ve ever received or given?

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