Giving thanks and taking a pledge to unplug

By | November 14, 2012 | Holidays & Entertaining

Giving thanks and taking a pledge to unplug

Practicing the attitude of gratitude is something we should do all year, not just on Thanksgiving. Becoming a parent provides us with daily reminders – and in my case, two loud, energetic ones (8 and 6 year old boys). I try to make a point to remind my kids regularly about all the wonderful things they have to be thankful for. I tell my boys, “I didn’t have as many toys as you do when I was a kid” and “I had to walk a mile to the bus stop on a dirt road for school each morning.” Seriously. No lie. Okay, it was only ¼ of a mile.

I’m not sure those points really register with them, since my Kindergartner recently asked me what I was doing when Columbus discovered America. Though, when I hear them say their prayers at night and they remember to include things like health, home, cozy bed, Star Wars, family, NERF guns, a great school, and Angry Birds, then I feel a bit relieved.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching next week in the United States, I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks for the Momiverse community and invite you to use this time with your families to unplug.

What does the Momiverse – the universe of motherhood and Moms – mean to me?

Of course, the Momiverse includes a capable and clever teamTina, Amy, Danielle, Meghan, Jamie and Nicole. You have helped to make the emerging women’s online lifestyle magazine that focuses primarily on motherhood and mothers. Your knowledge and expertise in your fields are such tremendous assets to the Momiverse – the website and the universe. More importantly, your work ethic, humor and generous spirit are what attract women to each other as friends. Thank you for your hard work, helping to make available such valuable information to Moms everywhere, and your friendship.

What would the Momiverse be without our incredible roster of talented contributors? We have such an amazing group of brilliant authors who share their knowledge, expertise and skills about life and the world of Mom. Without them, would not exist. I am so proud of the quality of work we feature here at I look forward to each and every article, because there is always so much to learn!

Without a doubt, our online community of friends and followers via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube are what complete the Momiverse. It’s your support, encouragement and feedback that has enabled us to grow, adapt and continually evolve. We always welcome the opportunity to serve you, so please continue to speak to us about what’s happening in your corner of the Momiverse.

I am also grateful to have the support of my friends and family. Without you, nothing matters. I look forward to the times when we are together to share life’s experiences. When I think about how much work my team and I did to give birth to and what it takes to present it to the world on a daily basis, I am also reminded of our mission:

…to help busy Moms take time – and make time – for themselves, while navigating the crazy, hectic and harried world of Mom; to help you create a lifestyle that enables you more balance, freedom and flexibility to truly enjoy your family and your life.

Because we are so inundated with media – television, radio, film, video, print, photography, and electronic – I invite you to join me in unplugging this Thanksgiving. We have partnered with renowned etiquette experts Diane Gottsman and Thomas P. Farley to promote Thanksgiving Unplugged.

Please join us in this campaign!

Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.

With much gratitude,



Do you have any rules at your house to foster quality time for special holiday get-togethers?

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Charmin Calamaris

Charmin is a wife, mom of two boys and creator of the Momiverse. The Momiverse is an online magazine for busy moms (is there any other kind?) dedicated to helping moms make time – and take time – for themselves. She traded in her career in land use planning and environmental policy to become Chief Executive Navigator of the Momiverse. You can connect with Charmin in her "online office" on Twitter or Facebook.

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