Presidents’ Day trivia: Washington and Lincoln {Infographic}

By | February 18, 2013 | Holidays & Entertaining

Presidents’ Day trivia: Washington and Lincoln {Infographic}
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Presidents’ Day was originally Washington’s Birthday (established as February 22) and designated as a holiday on the third Monday of February. While there was never a nationwide designation of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), many view the holiday as a celebration of birthdays for both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Commonly, our nation has lumped the celebration of all the presidents into one day, thus calling it Presidents’ Day – giving retailers another holiday to promote sales and shopping. Because we honor more than one president on this holiday, the plural use of the apostrophe is appropriate in this case.

How well do you know the two most celebrated presidents – Washington and Lincoln? The folks at H&R Block put together an infographic for trivia buffs – and others in need of a history lesson.

President’s Day Trivia: A few facts about Washington and Lincoln | The Momiverse

Infographic source:   H&R Block

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