The Ten Commandments of Black Friday

By | November 20, 2012 | Holidays & Entertaining

If you’ve ever risen early on the Friday after Thanksgiving (or perhaps you never went to bed), braved the elements and crowds, and managed to keep your patience and temper in check, then you may already abide by these rules of engagement. If you’re a Black Friday virgin, then heed this warning, friend, and pay special attention to these Ten Commandments of Black Friday.

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Don’t wander through shopping’s wilderness without a higher power to guide you through. Few can count themselves among the greats who haven’t just survived Black Friday but also managed to get the deals of their dreams without breaking the bank. But this type of victory isn’t won without discipline. In fact, it requires, strict adherence to these Ten Commandments, which have been specially formulated to give all you gutsy Black Friday shoppers the glory you deserve. Read on, and follow these to the letter of the law if you want to dominate Black Friday this year.

1. Thou shalt not spend more than you have.

2. Thou shalt utilize the apps.

3. Thou shalt map out your shopping route.

4. Thou shalt count the cost of doorbusters.

5. Thou shalt stay hydrated.

6. Thou shalt choose the right checkout lane.

7. Thou shalt not flip out.

8. Thou shalt bring entertainment.

9. Thou shalt have manners.

10. Thou shalt enjoy yourself.

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