The top 10 gifts dad doesn’t want for Father’s Day {and what to get instead}

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The top 10 gifts dad doesn't want for Father's Day | Article by Spencer Frandsen | Photo by bark

This Father’s Day, you’re probably planning on getting Dad the same old boring gift you give him every year, right? Instead of giving the guy who raised you another coffee mug or necktie, give him something that will really make him smile. Here are the top ten gifts Dad doesn’t want for Father’s Day and what to buy him instead.

10.   Mugs or glassware

Personalized glassware or mugs with cheesy sayings (“World’s Greatest Dad,” anyone?) are overdone. Sure, they might look cute sitting on the shelf and Dad might get some use out of them, but they’re totally unoriginal and uninspired. Besides, we would venture to guess he probably already has enough glasses and mugs to drink from.

Instead, buy him engraved whiskey stones. Whiskey stones are the coolest drinking accessory your dad doesn’t even know he wants yet. Whiskey stones are frozen and then used to chill whiskey without diluting it. Engrave these awesome accessories with Dad’s initials to create a truly unforgettable gift.

Whiskey stones | The Momiverse | Photo by Jess Liotta and Colin Liotta

9.   Drugstore shaving supplies

Simply put, Dad probably knows how to find his way to the shaving aisle at the drugstore.

Instead, buy him next-level shaving equipment. From leather Dopp kits for shaving accessories to the old-school brush and soap shaving kits are quickly rising in popularity, these chic shaving tools and accessories will make Dad feel totally GQ.

Dopp kit

8.   Tie

Ties are the generic greeting cards of the dad gift world. Even if you find one you think he’ll love, at the end of the day, it’s still just a tie.

Instead, buy him a gift certificate for tailoring services. There isn’t a man on the planet who has a suit that couldn’t stand to be altered (especially the shoulders!). This is the perfect gift for the Dad who likes to keep things nice and practical. And Don Draper would certainly approve.

Gift certificate for suit alterations | The Momiverse

7.   Movie theater gift cards

Movie theater gift cards are a popular choice for a Father’s Day gift. After all, it’s easy, everyone loves going to the movies, and it’s a way for him to show Mom a good time, right? However, this gift is sort of a letdown, because it’s a one-time-only deal.

Instead, buy him a subscription to an instant streaming service like Netflix. This is a gift your dad can enjoy for an entire year, as opposed to just one night.

Netflix | The Momiverse

6.   Framed photos

One of the easiest ways to make your parents smile is by giving them a framed photo of your smiling face, right? While this is a nice gift, it’s a little bit stale and played out. Plus, odds are your smiling mug is already on every wall of your parents’ house.

Instead, buy him a custom printed book. Companies like Shutterfly, Picaboo, Snapfish, and Bookemon allow you to take some of your best pics with Dad, create a story to complement them, and have it turned into a coffee table book he can really cherish.

Shutterfly Photo Book | The Momiverse

5.   Boring camping or fishing equipment

If Dad is the outdoorsy type, you’ve probably been giving him the same camping or fishing tools every Father’s Day for your entire life. Dad might appreciate these basic tools, but you can only receive the same old lanterns and tent spikes so many times.

Instead, buy him a clever and hi-tech outdoor tool. From solar-powered cell phone chargers to tackle boxes with built-in speakers from Wild River®, get him a tool that is sure to make his next camping or fishing trip a little more thrilling.

Tackle Tek™ Rogue - Stereo Speaker Bag

4.   Cologne

This is a popular gift choice from daughters or wives. The thought’s nice: Give Dad something a little foofy he wouldn’t normally buy for himself, right? Unfortunately, a lot of gifted cologne bottles end up just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Instead, buy him premium men’s grooming products. Look, Dad is probably too embarrassed to buy an anti-aging facial moisturizer with sunscreen or exfoliating face wash on his own. This is why he needs you to get him those guilty-pleasure grooming products all men secretly want to try. Get him this Arbonne RE9 Advanced skincare set for men.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced for Men Skincare | The Momiverse


3.   Books

It seems to make sense: If Dad likes golf, you get him a golf book. If Dad likes to cook, you get him a cookbook. And so on and so forth…

Instead, buy him an e-reader. Help Dad advance to the next level of technology by getting him a gift that will allow him to have any book in the world instantly delivered to the palm of his hand. Do your homework first to find the perfect model for him. TopTenReviews has a great chart to help you out. We especially like the Kindle Fire HDX.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX | The Momiverse

2.   Briefcase or wallet

While a new briefcase or wallet is nice, chances are Dad already has one he likes and that works well for him. After all, getting rid of a wallet you’ve had for years is like losing an appendage.

Instead, buy him a watch or a pair of sunglasses made of wood. Many gentlemen wear whatever accessories they find at the drugstore. Help Dad to amp up his look by getting him a great pair of designer sunglasses he can proudly wear all summer.

Twigs Woodwear Sunglasses

1.   Wine, cheese, or chocolate

Sure, these are all delectable gifts, but they’re so boring and so expected. Nothing says “I remembered it was Father’s Day this morning” better than a prepackaged wine or cheese basket.

Instead, buy him tickets to a wine tasting, cheese sampling or chocolate-making class. If Dad has a penchant for all things gourmet, he’ll love these awesome excursions that allow him to spend a day devoted to his food or drink obsession of choice. Plus, it makes a great date with Mom. You can even score affordable tickets to these local events and other fun adventures through daily deal websites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Wine and appetizers on JK Adams Board | Photo by Didriks | The Momiverse

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