5 Fun tips for spring cleaning with kids

By | March 25, 2013 | Home Decoration & Organizing

5 fun tips for spring cleaning with kids | The Momiverse | Article by Tina Seitzinger

It’s that time of year again for spring-cleaning. It’s a hard task by itself and adding kids to the mix can make it a bit tricky.

But who said that spring-cleaning can’t be fun?

This year I’ll need to do some heavy cleaning. We have tons of windows and rooms in the house that need some extra TLC. Once the spring cleaning is done, I’m hoping my house will be more organized, smell fresh and be ready for us to enjoy summer fun!

Here are a few tips on ways to involve your children with household chores:

Pump it up

To get everyone in the cleaning mood, add a bit of upbeat music and make a party out of it. The boys and I will dance around the house dusting furniture, washing windows and picking up toys. It’s amazing how a little bit of music can make you feel motivated and energized!

Involve your kids in decision making

One area that really needs our attention is the toy room. I can always tell when it needs to be cleaned out, because my boys will start taking their toys to other parts of the house to play. Having way too many toys can be such a distraction for them and overwhelming at times.

I love to involve my kids with the decision on what toys to keep and which ones to donate. Of course, there’s always some compromising, but by giving them the power to make decisions, they feel more in control.

We make three piles:

  1. Trash – Toys that are broken or ones that are overused.
  2. Donation – Items that are in good shape but your kids have outgrown.
  3. Storage – Toys they may play with at a later date.

Assign jobs

A great way to keep everyone happy is to hand out responsibilities. The boys love having their own special jobs and are proud when they have completed their tasks. My oldest loves to vacuum and my younger son always volunteers to dust. Everyone is happy and the cleaning still gets done.

Make teams

We usually divide into teams to tackle big projects. It’s always boring to work by yourself, so by working together not only can you get jobs done quicker, but you can really teach your children how to work safely and properly.

My husband will often take my older son with him when they are cleaning out the garage or working in the backyard. He is such a great helper and has learned a lot by watching Dad. My 3-yearold helps me with the easier tasks outside – washing down lawn furniture, sweeping the front porch and back patio and planting flowers.

Give out rewards

Let’s face it. No one really likes to clean so plan a special treat for everyone after a hard day of work. It can be a pizza party, trip to the ice-cream store or even a night of movies and popcorn. You’ll see by paying your workers with nice rewards everyone will be happier and willing to help out the next time you ask.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Have a little fun with your family! It’s a great way to encourage responsibility and learning!

What tips would you add to this list?

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Tina Seitzinger

Tina Seitzinger is the Co-founder of Girls' Lunch Out {GLO} and part of the social media team for BabyCenter. She is also the Trend Trio family expert from P&G's Have You Tried This Yet? program. She's a mom of two boys and the voice behind Life Without Pink, a personal blog about motherhood and raising all boys.

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