4 Simple ways to live a happy life

By | December 13, 2013 | Lifestyle & Personal Growth

4 Simple ways to live a happy life

Did you know that it’s your divine birthright to have an abundance of health, wealth, and happiness? All things were created to bring you immense happiness and joy.

How often do you find yourself working constantly or just doing the same routines day in and day out? Do you feel uplifted and full of energy living behind a computer or working endless hours? Do you find that at the end of the day you’re too tired to listen to what your loved ones have to say?

Most often than not, when you fall into stagnant water it’s because you don’t have balance in your life. Your body, mind, and spirit are not connected, causing an imbalance of the whole you. When we become beleaguered or discouraged it’s because we’re not taking time out of our busy schedules to sit back, smell the roses, and spend quality time with the ones we love.

Living a happy life is about loving and honoring your heart’s desires and the truth within. It’s going with the flow of peace and tranquility as we travel downstream, admiring the beautiful scenery along the way.

If you struggle with feeling joyful or having peace, below are ways that can help you have more happiness to enjoy the bounty of life.

Live from your higher self.

Learn to live from your higher self each new day by being true to your heart’s desires and by following your bliss. Your true essence is your spirit within your beautiful body – your higher self – which is the greater part of you. Your spirit and physical self are intricately intertwined.

When you live life on purpose, listening to your heart as your guide, you will be living your true essence. Your true essence is pure energy and light. Your spirit longs for spirituality more than your body craves food and sleep. How often do you take time to reflect on your higher self?

When you connect and balance the body, mind, and spirit, you’ll live your life on purpose. You’ll be able to create the life and body of your dreams more easily. If you feel out of sorts, depressed, sad, or frustrated it’s a signal from your spirit letting you know you’re spiritually off track.

Our bodies are perfectly aligned with our higher selves. When you’re out of balance or off course with goals and dreams, your emotions and physical being will signal to you. You’ll have negative emotions and be sick, overwhelmed, or stressed. On the flip side, when you feel worry-free, vibrant, elated, and cheerful, you are indeed on the right path and are living from your higher self.

Put your family first.

When you allow life to take over tender moments in time with your spouse and children you are blocking the essence of life. Family is everything. If you don’t have a happy, loving family you won’t have a happy life.

Make your home a refuge from the world. Play beautiful music and light a delicious-smelling candle to set the tone for your home. Keep it clean and clutter free. You can look at your surroundings – your home, car, workspace – as well as your body and know how you truly feel inside. A messy home is an expression of confusion and cluttered thoughts and emotions within you. To shift from confusion to clarity, let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Release negativity and replace it with positive thoughts of gratitude. This most likely will give you the desire to clean more and to take more time caring for yourself as well.

Always be your best for your family. Speak kindly to one another and tell them how much you love and appreciate them each day. Take pride in how you look; dress and care for yourself each day as though you were going on a date for the first time with your spouse. Make quality family time a top priority.

Practice an attitude of gratitude.

God has blessed you with much to be grateful for, so pay attention to what you appreciate in your life. By living in an attitude of thankfulness, you’ll shift your energy frequency to attract more abundance and joyful experiences into your life.

When you extend deep appreciation to your loved ones for the little things they do, they will do more good things for you just from feeling your positive energy and appreciation. They will rise to the occasion of charity. You will all be happier and more patient with one another; your home will become a safe haven on earth. On the flip side, if you put down your loved ones for little mistakes, they will feel less than worthy of your love and will act out more emotionally and withdraw. That makes for a tense home filled with negative energy, self-doubt, and bitterness.

Have sincere thankfulness throughout the day and feel empowered. It will inspire you to be kinder, more giving, and to serve. Your spirit – your true self – will shine brighter, reflecting the Savior in your countenance. Having an attitude of gratitude is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself; it’s contagious, and people around you will be more grateful in return.

Live passionately.

What are you passionate about? What stirs your soul to complete and utter joy? Do you have hobbies that bring you pleasure? What do you like to do? Often people don’t take time to live their unfulfilled childhood dreams. They really don’t remember what they love to do. If you’ve forgotten what you love, then sit down and discover the truth and desires in your heart.

Each day do what makes you truly happy. Take time to fill your heart with happiness and allow the wonderful blessings in life to fill your heart and home. Practice an attitude of gratitude and love what you do. Make you time a top priority. You’ll be a better, happier, more loving wife, mother, and friend.

Practice these tips daily and you will improve all areas of your life and attract more goodness.

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