10 Tips for courteous Facebook engagement

By | May 6, 2015 | Love & Relationships

10 Tips for courteous Facebook engagement | The Momiverse | Article by Stacey Ross

It seems like everyone and their grandma is on Facebook, but there are so many ways people actually use the popular platform. Some use Facebook as a personal diary to freely share with friends and loved-ones, some for marketing purposes, and others for networking. Whatever the case, there are a few best practices to enhance your page and invite more authentic and genuine interaction. I proposed to my Facebook friends the prompt,” Please share courteous Facebook practices you appreciate and encourage.”

Apparently, I brought up a hot topic for many. Emphasizing the positive, I gathered some really well-thought out and insightful tips worth taking into consideration when you seek engagement and good conversation online.

Here are ten tips for engaging with family, friends, or customers on Facebook. (Some of these tips may be paraphrased from the responses I received on my own Facebook page):

1. Share on-topic, helpful links. Leave very succinct and educated comments, and as a bonus, validate your contentions with relevant articles or news blasts which will help for credibility-sake. (Edward)

2. Don’t just share the link. Share what impact it had on you. When you share a news story or personal interest editorial, consider leaving a thought about it or a question for your friends. It’s helpful when users see a personal note in their Facebook streams, anyway. Soliciting engagement is what makes this medium social. (Roger)

3. Don’t like something just because you read it, rather only if you agree or really indeed DO like it. Point taken, as many people will go like-happy as a gesture to demonstrate they appreciate that their online friends are contributing to their post by leaving comments. By only liking the comments you agree with, you are sharing more about who you truly are. (Lu Ann)

4. Make your profile photo album public, or at least a few shots, so non-friends can see who you are (especially if you’re going to send friend requests). If you really want to build an online community, show your face and a few of your interests! You don’t have to share your entire photo album, but share your sweet mug, at least. (Kimberly)

5. During holidays that commemorate particular loved-ones, take a moment to post a supportive message to those who may have lost loved ones. People get excited about celebrating holidays. Remember that some holidays may be bittersweet for some friends, particularly if they are flooded with photos that are constant reminders of what they don’t have or dearly miss. (Kathy)

6. Give a hat tip to the original poster of what you’re sharing, unless you are first. It’s respectful to acknowledge another person when they offer value to Facebook, so why not give them link love when you repost it on your feed? (Christopher)

7. Consider sending a private message when arguments get heated. You don’t need to cloud up someone’s stream just because you want to be heard. Would you clear a party merely because you had to win a debate? Seems pretty anti-social, doesn’t it? Keep it courteous! (PJ)

8. Keep your posts positive. There’s a time and place to get heated. Sometimes Facebook is the right time and place, but don’t sling mud. Instead, redirect someone to respectfully engage, and agree to do the same. (Jackie)

9. Share a post with someone instead of tagging him/her in the comments of the original post from another page. This person may not want his/her business, interests, or name shared in that particular conversation. (Cara)

10. Share unsolicited posts to show appreciation for someone or a business who went above and beyond. In other words, singing praises or offering compliments is a thoughtful way of paying it forward, especially when there’s nothing to gain. (Marlo)

Small business owner Chris Hudson of Reliant Computer Services agrees wholeheartedly: “People are far more inclined to share negative feedback than positive about a business. If you were highly impressed with your service somewhere, spread the love and help small businesses with their online reputation. We appreciate knowing our customers take that moment or two to give back.”

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Great post Stacey!  I loved how you focused on the positive!  Courtesy goes along way!

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Nice post stacey. thanks for the tips.