Make a List

Getting organized is as easy as L-I-S-T

Have you ever met a mom who’s not a list-maker? Us either! It just comes with the territory. We juggle so many responsibilities and if it’s not written down, chances are it will be forgotten. But sometimes making lists can be a chore itself, so we’ve taken the time to compile a few to assist you with your mental organization. After all, what kind of friend would we be if we didn’t share? Go download a list and get writing!

Time management

Daily planner – Use this page to plot your entire day! Plenty of space to list your (never-ending) to-dos.

Weekly planner – Enough space to hopefully write down whatever it is you need to accomplish for an entire week.

Weekly family to-dos – With several members in a family, there’s a lot of coming and going. Keep track of everyone’s schedule and to-dos with this handy page. Hang it on the refrigerator or someplace everyone can see it.

Meal planning

Weekly menu/grocery planner – Plan out the breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for the week. This page even has a place to jot grocery items to include on your grocery list.

School lunch planner – Create a list of all of your favorite lunch ideas to pack in your child’s lunchbox.

Grocery list (checklist) – Just check off what you need. Minimal writing. Convenient for small and big grocery trips.

Food journal – Counting calories or just trying to be accountable? Record all food and drinks consumed for an accurate picture of your daily intake.


Budget – Work out your expenses and try to keep them within your means.

Personal care

Exercise log – Keeping track is good motivation for getting to the gym or donning your running shoes. Put a gold star next to each workout! Be proud!

Kids and school

Thank you card labels – Here at the Momiverse, we think manners matter (and we certainly hope you do too)! Print this page on a sheet of adhesive backed paper and give it to your child as a guide for writing thank you notes for gifts received. Then cut, peel and stick on the inside of any blank 4?x5? thank you card. It can also be glued or taped in place.

Preschool /childcare comparison – When deciding on the school that best suits your child’s needs, use this page to keep all important factors in one handy location for a more organized decision-making process.

Memorable moments – Ever say to yourself, “I must remember that” after your child has said or done something really cute? Have you or your family ever done something that was so unique that you noted it in your mind and hoped to write it down later? Chances are you didn’t, right? This list will help you keep track of those memories so you can preserve them for posterity.

Responsibilities (weekly) – This is just another way to organize weekly chores. Fill in your own ideas for tasks around the house and make everyone accountable. Even your hubby!

Caught ya! (being good) – Remember the good stuff, too! Reward kind actions and obedient behavior with this list of goodness.

Earning TV time – In the summertime or on school breaks, it can seem like a losing battle against the TV and computer. Make media a reward, only after accomplishing more stimulating activities such as chores, crafts/drawing, reading or playing outside.


Travel preparation checklist – Don’t know where to start in planning your next vacation? This list will get you going and steer you in the right direction. From the steps to planning a vacation to helpful ideas for what to do the week before, the day before and the day of departure, writing it all down helps to ensure you truly have fun!