Shopping for glasses and sunglasses online – A tool for busy moms

By | January 31, 2014 | Style & Beauty

Shopping for glasses and sunglasses online – A busy mom’s tool | The Momiverse |

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I’ve been in need of new glasses for a long time. My January to-do list included selecting and ordering new glasses. I was introduced to the app while my seven-year-old was home from school with a nasty cold and cough. It was perfect timing! I couldn’t leave the house with my sick little guy and I was starting to feel a bit under the weather myself. I was on a mission to cross this item off my to-do list and the app made that possible for me.

How does it work?

The app can be downloaded to your Android device (I used it on my Samsung Galaxy S3), iPad, or iPhone/iPod Touch. Using my phone’s camera and utilizing 3Dfit technology, facial mapping, and advanced computer modeling, the app created a 3D model of my face so I could virtually try on thousands of different glasses and sunglasses from the comfort of home. | Processing and revealing of 3d image | The Momiverse

Watch the instructional video and follow directions

Follow the video instructions on the app for the best virtual fitting. Even slight variations in movement, angle, phone tilt or improperly fitting your face into the frame will skew your results. The app will also ask you to confirm the placement of your pupils using a mirror and your phone’s camera.

Virtually try on glasses

This app gives you the opportunity to see thousands of frames on your face instantly in 3D. I was able to virtually try on both glasses and sunglasses. You can adjust the placement of glasses on your face using fingertip movements on your device’s screen, pick a few favorites by tapping the heart icon, and even share with friends and ask them to help you pick a frame that looks best on you.

A pretty side-view is one of my criteria for choosing new glasses. The app makes it super easy to view frames in detail from any angle. Look at the pretty detail on these glasses and sunglasses!

Glasses | Large selection of glasses | TheMomiverse

Sunglasses | Large selection of sunglasses | TheMomiverse
Filter your options

I won’t lie to you. The huge selection of frames can be somewhat overwhelming, but I appreciate having lots of options. Whether your taste and style includes casual, chic, designer, fashion, flirty, geek chic, timeless, or vintage inspired, there are so many frames to choose from! To make it easier, though, allows you to filter your choices and sort frames by brands, colors, styles, type, whether the frame is available for In-Home Try-On, or bi-focal eligible, and price. After you select your favorites, you can filter your options by viewing only your favorite selections. You can also apply a photo filter and share with your friends and family via Twitter, email, messaging, or save a photo to share later.

Selecting a frame and finding the best fit

Can you help pick the perfect frame for me?

Honestly, there are so many frames to choose from. I’m having a hard time deciding. The folks at and I are asking you to help me select the frame that looks best on me. I’ll take your top four frame selections for In-Home Try-On and pick the one that feels most comfortable and fits me best. With’s free in-home try-on service, I can pick four frames to be delivered to me at no cost. I’ll have one week to wear the frames and decide which ones I like best – based on your top four selections. They even offer a prepaid shipping label and packaging for free return shipping!

Top four glasses selected by voters:

We asked for your help in choosing frames by voting for your favorite glasses between January 31 and February 10. These are the top four frames selected by voters. Using the In-Home Try-On program, I’ll try these four frames for a week and see which ones fit the best and match my lifestyle. (Updated February 10, 2014)

Top 4 glasses selected by Momiverse voters | app | The Momiverse

Do you need to get new glasses or sunglasses? Receive 15% off your purchase at by using promo code: gls15off. This code expires on March 31, 2014. 

For more information, visit, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and learn more about the app.

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