The round brush: The tool that makes hot hair cool

By | October 19, 2012 | Style & Beauty

The round brush: The tool that makes hot hair cool

Many women frequently use a round brush to style their hair, but they use it incorrectly. Imagine your hair is like a piece of steel. First, you heat up the steel in a furnace. Then you bend it into the desired shape. Finally, you place the bent steel in cold water to freeze the shape.

Your hair works in much the same way.  First, heat up the hydrogen bonds in your hair using a blow dryer with a round brush to hold your heated hair in the desired shape (straight, wavy or curly) while drying. Continue to hold the shape with your round brush as your hair cools and you’ll lock in the desired form.

Once your hair has cooled, remove the round brush and you’ll have the perfect shape.  Now pop out for an evening of fun with your “cool” hot look!

Image source: OG Ceramic + Ion Thermal Brush CL-55

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Johnny G

Johnny G is an International Hair Designer who has trained worldwide. Johnny began his career by training at the prestigious Goldwell Academy in London and Baltimore where he achieved recognition as a certified National Color Educator. He continues to update his knowledge, most recently studying in Beverly Hills at the J. Beverly Hills Training Academy where he mastered the art of 3D hair cutting and it is only offered in AZ by Johnny G. He has won numerous national makeover and color awards including: Excellence in Education, Goldwell Educator; National TIGI Make-Over Magic Contest, 3rd place winner; TIGI Top Ten Stylists nationwide and 1st place in the National Goldwell Contest. Johnny has appeared as a guest beauty expert on television programs such as the Morning Exchange and Good Morning Arizona with Beverly Kidd and is also the author of Creating Beauty from the Inside - Out.

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