The top 10 gifts dad doesn’t want for Father’s Day {and what to get instead}

May 15, 2017

This Father’s Day, you’re probably planning on getting Dad the same old boring gift you give him every year, right? Instead of giving the guy […]

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Caring moments of fatherhood: All the ways dads care

June 15, 2014

Have you ever noticed that most television commercials portray Dads as bumbling fools who are incapable of taking care of their kids or family as […]

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Dubai to Mumbai: Decadence to deprivation

February 26, 2014

A Dad’s Point-of-View Going from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to various stops in India is about as stark a change as one […]

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Good parenting can make your child’s brain bigger

January 22, 2014

Scientists have known for a long time that low-income children have smaller brains than their more economically secure peers. And they’ve suspected that limited access to […]

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I bequeath to my sons these reflections on life

June 19, 2012

A Dad’s Point-of-View When Steve Jobs died I was yet again reminded of the fragility of life. No matter how rich or famous a person […]

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What dads want moms to know

April 3, 2012

Dads are typically stereotyped by women into many categories and sometimes get the short end of the stick. Watch the co-founders of talk about what […]

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