life goals

8 Choices that will change your life forever

December 26, 2016

The direction of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day. They accumulate and add up to our ultimate destiny. Here are […]

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5 Simple ways moms can increase personal growth

October 21, 2016

As a mom, when was the last time you really did something for yourself? Odds are, you probably don’t remember. Or if you do remember, […]

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The secret to long term success

May 6, 2016

I was at a big stand up paddle board race with my friend Bill, watching the pros battle it out for the big bucks in […]

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Personal and professional spring cleaning

March 28, 2016

Many of us are up to our eyeballs in spring cleaning around the house and yard, but how many of us give ourselves a personal […]

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Navy SEAL admiral shares why one simple task can help you change the world

January 26, 2016

We can make life and marriage far too complicated at times. Learn how one simple task can help you improve your life and marriage. Even […]

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10 Simple ways to super-charge your goals for success

January 4, 2016

Most people have a love-hate relationship with goals. We love them because they are such a great idea and a wonderful way to motivate us […]

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Indecision: 4 Tips for making and trusting your choices

May 30, 2014

You and I are old enough to know what we want and what we don’t want. By now we also know who we are and […]

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5 Ways to press forward during life’s challenges

April 16, 2014

Life is filled with challenges – teaching us life lessons, sometimes pain, and providing us the opportunity to grow. What might seem like the worst […]

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