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Make your marriage a priority and your kids benefit

June 2, 2016

If there’s one thing that will throw a wrench in married-life, it’s kids. Don’t get me wrong, kids are a tremendous blessing and source of […]

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4 Steps to prevent the escalation of disagreements in your relationship

November 4, 2014

Many years ago I had a conversation with my wife that could have ended our marriage. I’ve seen many couples engaged in the exact same […]

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The secret to a lasting marriage

September 24, 2014

Divorce is an all too common thing. There is even a belief among some that if marriage becomes too much work or is too difficult […]

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3 Ways to handle an unhappy marriage

February 21, 2014

Problems in marriage are inevitable. Even chronic. And so, at times, is unhappiness. After studying 645 couples where one spouse rated their marriage as unhappy, […]

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Easy ways to feel more connected to your man

February 14, 2014

How’s your love life? Revved up and romantic? Or blah and meh? When life is busy (and isn’t it always?), making the time for love […]

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Marriage: 5 Ways to balance your time and keep your identity

December 20, 2013

When you fall in love, you may feel as if you’ve finally come to a place where you can rest. It’s not easy meeting the […]

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Marriage: 7 Ways to be more accepting of your spouse

September 25, 2013

One of the biggest downfalls of getting married is the idea that our partner needs to be different and change certain things to make us happier. […]

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Passion and adventure in marriage {with kids still living at home}

September 18, 2013

While there are children in the home, we often throw our marriage to the background. Our daily schedules revolve around feedings, changing, bedtime, bath time, homework, […]

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