20 Things teachers don’t need to know about your kids

August 22, 2017

As moms are busy getting their kids ready for the school year, some might even make a list of all the things every teacher should […]

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Setting boundaries with toddlers using empathy and positive guidance

April 28, 2016

Your hair fell off mama. I caught it for you. That’s what I heard one morning as I was waking up. Before me, stood my […]

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5 Ways to prevent parenting burnout

April 1, 2016

Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting. ~William Shakespeare, (Henry V, 2.4.74-75) Why do so many people seem to unravel after […]

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3 Tips for encouraging your child’s communication, productivity, and financial literacy skills

March 30, 2016

Parents hope their kids will develop into productive, confident adults. There are very specific strategies that increase the odds of making that hope a reality. […]

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Parent’s guide to greater mindfulness

November 4, 2015

Every year, I attend a celebration at a culture center in my neighborhood. It’s one of my favorite days filled with music, dancing, art, and […]

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4 Ways to give your kids life’s ultimate edge

July 20, 2015

If you want to give your kids an edge in life, teach them to perform under pressure. Doing so will be more helpful than giving […]

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Parent’s guide to intervening in a sibling fight

April 13, 2015

Your children are fighting. Should you step in? Common wisdom says no, let the kids work it out themselves. That’s because when the parent decides […]

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The REAL truth about snow days

February 19, 2015

You’ve seen the photos on Facebook and Twitter of smiling faces playing in the snow on snow days when kids are home from school. What […]

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