social responsibility

Quandary: A video game that helps kids develop ethical thinking skills

October 30, 2014

One of the toughest jobs of parents is to teach children how to develop ethical thinking skills, like reasoning and understanding ethical problems. When making […]

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The evil of Hollywood vs. Humanity and grace

October 14, 2013

A Dad’s Point-of-View In my opinion, one of the biggest culprits to the deterioration of our culture and society is Hollywood. My son took me […]

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Indego Africa: Social change through African handicrafts

May 21, 2013

        As Moms, we can all appreciate the work that it takes to raise a family. Imagine trying to take care of […]

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The Dark Knight Rises and the Colorado shooting: Hollywood should be ashamed

August 8, 2012

A Dad’s Point-of-View No, I don’t blame Hollywood or the Dark Knight  for the Colorado shootings. But I do blame Hollywood for the deterioration of […]

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