How to talk to your kids about the importance of safe driving

January 29, 2018

Greater independence comes to most teenagers the day they get their learner’s permit. Suddenly the teen can go places on his or her own, plus […]

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Love and fear: 10 Points teenage girls should know about love

February 11, 2016

This piece started as a letter to my teenage daughter. Much to my dismay she now has a boyfriend. Although I would have preferred she […]

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Sex education 2.0: 7 Ways to teach children about the birds and bees

April 1, 2014

When most parents think about their role in educating their children about sex, they get stuck on “the talk” – the birds and the bee’s […]

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15 Ways to appear cool to your kids

March 28, 2014

A Dad’s Point-of-View One of my favorite mantras is: Be your kid’s best parent rather than his best friend. As strongly as I believe in […]

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6 Signs your child may have an addiction

January 28, 2014

One of my favorite photos of myself is a photograph taken on Christmas morning when I was still a child. In it, I am beaming […]

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3 Tips for better communication with your teen

May 23, 2013

By Jerry Weichman, Ph.D. Parent: “How was your day?” Teen: “Good.” Parent: “What did you do today?” Teen: “Nothing.” Does that sound like a recent […]

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