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By | May 1, 2012 | Travel

Waikiki, OahuSummer may still be a few months away, but registration has likely already begun for some summer events and happenings. Now is the time to begin to do your research and comparisons to find out what is best for your family.

Summer Camps – You can begin by checking out or the American Camp Association for ideas in your area and some excellent ideas to get started. Summer camp can be anything from local day camps to residential camps where campers spend a week to a summer doing all sorts of activities. Summer camps can be a theme such as music, sports, or science, or they can be a well-rounded program of general activities.

Childcare – If you work outside the home and your kids are school-aged, then you will need to begin to think about what to do with them in the summertime. Check out or for a great resources in your area.

Recreation Programs – Many cities offer opportunities to enroll your children into recreation programs that include crafts, sports, and even field trips. Your local YMCA, craft/hobby stores, and private schools may offer exercise/educational programs for children in the summer. Check out community calendars for more information.

Vacation/Travel – Many families take their family vacation during the summer. If this is the time frame that works best for your family, then now is the time to start preparing your travel budget and then brainstorming your favorite destinations.

Reunions – These usually fall under 2 categories – class or family. Either way, you may want to get a start on your exercise routine! More than likely, your family will be either planning a visit to your house or will be expecting you to make a trip to them. It may be a big multi-family get-together or an intimate gathering with your closest family members.

What are your plans for the summer?

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Jennifer Tankersley

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