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Prepare yourself financially for travel | The Momiverse | Article by Jennifer Tankersley

In our modern society, travel is no longer a luxury, but it is considered a necessary part of having a healthy and meaningful life. Anyone with a dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or Machu Picchu in Peru can find a way to reach that destination if he or she plans well enough and long enough.

Start saving

Before a ticket is purchased or a reservation is made, the first thing a person must do is to begin to save money. Travel, whether by plane, train, or automobile, is not cheap. Even if there are no immediate plans for travel, a travel fund can and should be started right away. Depending on the number of people in your family and the type of destination you think you are likely to choose, begin to put a set amount of money aside each paycheck. If you are paid twice a month, a good amount to start might be $50 to $100 each paycheck. Begin to deduct the determined amount from your checking account register. “Deposit” your travel savings each paycheck onto a separate account for your travel fund so you not only know how much you have saved, but so it will not get mixed up with the money that normally goes for regular bills and living expenses. After one year of saving for a vacation, you could possibly have $1200 to $2400 saved. This is a good start to your goal of a carefree vacation with your loved ones.

Create a travel plan and budget

The next thing you need to do after you have started a travel fund is to begin to formulate a travel plan so a budget can be created. Include pre-travel expenses like passports, maps, and pet care. If your family plans to drive to their vacation destination, then budgetary considerations should be made for tolls, gasoline, hotels and food along the way. If flying is the preferred or necessary mode of travel, then airline tickets, cabs, or rental cars should be included on the travel budget. Arrival at the final destination will bring more expenses to include in the budget such as hotels, food, entrance to attractions and museums, transportation costs, and souvenirs.

By following these two important steps when preparing for a vacation, you will be able to truly relax knowing you have prepared yourself financially for the costly good times of taking a vacation with family and friends.

Don’t know where to start in planning your next vacation? Check out our travel preparation checklist on the Make a List page.

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lacey_lamar May 1, 2012 at 7:03 am

Until now I was lucky enough to have plenty of time and my parents support for holiday expenses…Now its the first time that I want to do it all alone financially speaking. Your tips sounds great on how to create a holiday fund but to tell you the truth, one year waiting is seems now quite long.

location villa costa brava December 27, 2013 at 2:00 am

In the coming month,i’m planning to go on a vacation with my family and for that i’m try to prepare myself in a financial field..I want to do a great fun at this holiday and without money,i will not spend my holiday with lots of fun..!!

vakantiehuizen costa brava January 29, 2014 at 3:21 am

I am totally agree with all your points shared here in this post. Vacation travel is a part everyone choose for changing the environment of our busy life to make some fun. I am also planning to spend my coming holidays in a country which is rich in its heritage culture as well as famous for its beautiful environment.